Are you looking to set yourself free from the control that food has on your life? Are you looking to thrive and listen to the gifts that an eating disorder can bring into your life? Are you wanting to feel and look incredible but feel afraid to let go of your obsession around food? Are you finally ready to take responsibility for your health and body?

From firsthand experience, I know how incredibly painful an eating disorder can be. I can also understand the fear that may come when you decide to change your life around and start nourishing yourself for the first time. This is the reason for which my nutrition consultations explore the mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical aspects that impact your nutrition in order to create deep and permanent results. Not only will you feel the vastness of who you truly are, but you will feel inspired to take actions that resonate with a feeling of self-love and appreciation.

By the end of our sessions, you′ll learn how to:

? Eat without feeling guilty and fearful.
? Achieve your ideal weight without counting calories.
? Choose the foods that help you feel and look radiant.
? Nourish your body from the inside out.
? Create a loving relationship to your body.
? Create a loving relationship to the food you eat.
? Visualize your aesthetic goals to reach them.
? Listen to the message behind your weigh issues.
? Appreciate and value the beauty of who you are.

For many years of my life I felt hopeless and stuck inside a deep dark hole, when it came to food. I tried mending my fears and obsessions around food trying every diet out there, which only made it worse.Finally, the misery that all of this brought me was too big for my heart, and I surrendered. This was my breaking point, and it was when miracles and shifts started to happen. I realized that I am much more than what I thought I was. I am not only a body, but an infinitely powerful, magnificent and loving being expressing myself in this world through my body. I then started having the most positive relationship with my body and food. And a result of this,I have been called to dedicate my life to leading others into the path of freedom from food, evolution and self-love.

So if you are ready for a real, permanent change and a radiant, vital and healthy body, then you are ready to work with me! You can choose between these two options:

Eating Disorders Eating Disorders2

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