What is VIP Nutrition Coaching?
My VIP nutrition coaching is a life-changing journey that will set you free from your weight problems, food addictions, guilt around food and your body-image issues. I will be walking you hand by hand with the goal teaching you how to lose weight by changing your thoughts and beliefs around food and your body.

What Will I Experience in the VIP Nutrition Coaching?
During the VIP Nutrition Coaching I will be taking you through my signature program, which is a one of a kind, cutting edge process that is based on Energy Nutrition, Quantum Physics, Mind-Body Nutrition and Metaphysics. I will be teaching you a practical application of principles that will guide you to make your mind powerful enough for returning your body to its perfect proportion without dieting or changing your current eating habits.

How will I Benefit from the VIP Nutrition Coaching?
My VIP Nutrition coaching will teach you how to use your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to change the way food affects your body. The outcome is that you will be able to eat whatever you want, as much as you want and never gain weight.

Why is this VIP Nutrition Coaching Different from Other Weight-Loss Programs?
This coaching is based on the Energetic Nutrition that apply to us all. It examines mind-over-matter principles and how they are integrally connected to weight. It will provide you progressive steps that will create a shift in the way you process and metabolize food, plus you will be receiving TAT sessions to re-program, upgrade, energize and heal your entire body. It has no diet nor tells you to cut down your food intake or eat foods at certain times in a certain way. It does not deal with lowering calories, eating only when you are hungry, watching fats or carbohydrates, drinking large amounts of water, exercising (you may if it makes you FEEL good), etc…

Who Would Benefit from this VIP Nutrition Coaching?
This coaching is NOT a quick-fix weight loss program, and it is meant to work for people that have given up on all diet programs, that are tired of struggling with their bodies and food, with an open mind, for those who are ready to surrender their weight and go deep, change their relationship to food, and lose and maintain a steady weight for the rest of their lives while eating whatever they want and as much as they want.

What is the Duration of the VIP Nutrition Program?
Since this coaching will align your thinking and create a paradigm shift in the way food affects your body, you have to commit to 8 weeks of one-to-one coaching, plus you have to be consistent on your own life forwards in order for you to completely shift your body and metabolism using your mind, if you need extra support during this time, you can always book some extra one-on-one sessions with me.

What are the logistics of the VIP Nutrition Coaching?

We will be meeting once a week for a one-on-one session via Zoom or Skype, you will have weekly practice sessions (“homework”) in between our weekly meetings and unlimited access through personalized attention from me via email.

Here is what you′ll receive from this coaching:

VIP Nutrition

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